Meet Our Team

About us

BioEmission Technology Solutions (formerly known as BET Solutions, now BIOEMTECH), was founded in 2013 by a group of young engineers with significant research and professional experience in the field of biomedical engineering and mainly in the emerging molecular imaging technology.

Our executives and partners have unique expertise in:

  • The evaluation and study of new sensors and materials
  • The design and construction of amplification boards
  • The design and programming of analog and digital data acquisition systems
  • The design and programming of rotating and mechanical parts
  • The radiolabeling of biomolecules and the performance of imaging studies
  • The design and execution of computer simulations
  • The management of research and technical projects
  • The organization of scientific and educational events

Our Vision

Molecular imaging is a rapidly evolving field for clinical and mainly pre-clinical research. BIOEMTECH aims to fulfill the existing needs in imaging equipment and imaging services for small, medium, but also large groups that are active in the field of biotechnology and medical research.

Specifically BIOEMTECH can:

  • Provide consultancy for molecular imaging and biomedical engineering
  • Perform imaging studies with our portable equipment on the premises concerned
  • Carry out full imaging studies in collaboration with specialized research centers
  • Design and develop prototype systems for planar and tomographic SPECT small animal imaging
  • Participate in funded research programs and technical projects
  • Organize scientific and educational events
maria georgiou

Maria Georgiou

Co Founder, CTO

Her work is focused on the development and optimization of SPECT and PET systems, dedicated for small animal imaging, scintimammography and sentinel lymph node mapping

panagiotis papadimitroulas

Panagiotis Papadimitroulas

Co Founder, Project Director

His research interests are focused on the field of Monte Carlo simulations on personalized medicine using anthropomorphic computational models and on dosimetric applications for clinical & pre-clinical protocols.


George Loudos

Scientific Advisor

Collaborating with the members of Bioemtech in research projects and supports their effort providing his scientific and management experience in the field of biomedical engineering and molecular imaging.


Natassa Karapanagou

Administrative Manager

She is responsible for the financial and administrative management of company's projects.


Eleftherios Fysikopoulos

Researcher – Biomedical Engineer

His research interests are focused on the development and optimization of SPECT and PET systems, dedicated for small animal imaging and on the development of optimized embedded systems and digital signal processing techniques.


Theodora Kostou

Researcher – Medical Physicist

She is responsible for Monte Carlo simulations and the use of computational models for clinical and preclinical imaging and dosimetry applications.

Aphrodite Toufa

Aphrodite Toufa

Software Developer

Her work is focused on the development of software applications for SPECT and PET systems, dedicated for small animal imaging, and the complete software development process.


Eliana Poumbrou

International Sales Director

Responsible for the sales strategy development, management and monitoring of direct accounts and regional partnerships for the company’s pre-clinical imaging systems.


Maritina Rouchota

Imaging Application Specialist

Responsible for the imaging protocols and acquisitions. Her work is mostly focused on multimodal imaging of new biomolecules and nanoparticles.


Evangelos Mavropoulos

R&D Software Engineer

Responsible for the development of pre- and post- image processing tools for nuclear medical data.


Sophia Sarpaki

Radiochemist - Application Scientist

Responsible for the radiochemical protocols and procedures. Her work is mostly focused on labelling of new small molecules, biomolecules and nanoparticles with different radioisotopes towards preclinical multimodal imaging.