FDG dynamic imaging examples
Imaging examples of other PΕT isotopes
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Courtesy of The University of Alabama, Birmingham (S. Lapi, PhD, H. Houson, PhD B. Larimer, PhD, Ch. Hunter, A. Massicano, Ph.D and A. Sorace, PhD

Unique Features
  • Smallest footprint in the market – Truly desktop
  • Real-time dynamic Imaging during acquisition
  • Suitable for Radio-TLC and organ ex-vivo imaging
  • Cost in the range of lab-equipment
  • ~1.5mm spatial resolution for all PET isotopes
  • Down to 5 sec frames for whole body scans
  • Low activities <1MBq can be easily imaged
  • 90% quantitative accuracy compared to 3D systems
  • Time activity curves ready at the end of the acquisition
Complete Solution
  • Animal bed supporting heating and anesthesia
  • Includes laptop with pre-installed acquisition and analysis software
  • Export in DICOM files and database
  • Delivered in a protective, easily transportable suitcase
  • Can be shipped directly to client’s site

Other Applications

The eyes may have as main application, to easily scan live whole body mice with PET and SPECT isotopes, but its simplicity and speed in use make them a full pre-clinical tool, that also supports:

– TLC measurements: by measuring your TLC strips on the eyes, you can get your radiochemistry profiles, fast and easy – almost like a TLC scanner

– ex vivo biodistributions: by placing the extracted tissues in the eyes, you can immediately screen and measure their activity – almost like a gamma-counter

Relevant Publications

Screenshot_2021-02-02 -eye” A low cost, portable coincidence camera for whole-body mouse dynamic imaging - EMIM2018_final pdf
Screenshot_2021-02-02 Poster_ HSBMB 2019 pdf