FDG dynamic imaging examples
Imaging examples of other PΕT isotopes
beye_new_image (1)

Courtesy of The University of Alabama, Birmingham (S. Lapi, PhD, H. Houson, PhD B. Larimer, PhD, Ch. Hunter, A. Massicano, Ph.D and A. Sorace, PhD

Unique Features
  • Smallest footprint in the market – Truly desktop
  • Real-time dynamic Imaging during acquisition
  • Suitable for Radio-TLC and organ ex-vivo imaging
  • Cost in the range of lab-equipment
  • ~1.5mm spatial resolution for all PET isotopes
  • Down to 5 sec frames for whole body scans
  • Low activities <1MBq can be easily imaged
  • 90% quantitative accuracy compared to 3D systems
  • Time activity curves ready at the end of the acquisition
Complete Solution
  • Animal bed supporting heating and anesthesia
  • Includes laptop with pre-installed acquisition and analysis software
  • Export in DICOM files and database
  • Delivered in a protective, easily transportable suitcase
  • Can be shipped directly to client’s site

Other Applications