Dynamic study of a healthy mouse administered with 10uCi of 18F-FDG, intravenously

  • Dynamic Imaging available in real-time during acquisition
  • The only truly portable mouse coincidence system
  • 1.5mm spatial resolution, 19% energy resolution and 1% sensitivity
  • Whole body static and dynamic mouse scans at even 10 sec frames
  • Low activities <1MBq can be easily imaged
  • Suitable for all PET isotopes
  • Animal bed supporting heating and anesthesia
  • Includes laptop with pre-installed acquisition and analysis software
  • Delivered in a protective, easily transportable suitcase

β-eye in detail

β-eye is a unique benchtop system with 5x10cm2 field of view, suitable for whole-body coincidence mouse imaging. It provides static and fast dynamic images with user-selection time frame. All studies can be stored as raw data and in a DICOM format and are handled through a Database Manager. The visual│eyes software supports a real-time viewer mode with selectable time frame as well as a post processing mode, where various tools are adapted.

Download β-eye brochure here