Highly sensitive, benchtop, in vivo optical imaging system for Fluorescence and Bioluminescence preclinical studies


  • Small animal, whole body, live optical-imaging
  • Fluorescence and Bioluminescence – Suitable for Cherenkov imaging (CLI) studies
  • Up to 3 mice simultaneous imaging
  • Compatible with 3rd party anesthesia and vital signs monitoring systems


  • High Quantum Efficiency of 85% at 460nm / 70% at 600 nm / 30% at 900 nm
  • Dark current down to 0,016 e/pixels/sec
  • Resolution of 4,6 μpixel – 4096 x 2304
  • Readout noise as low as 0,3 electrons (rms)
  • Photon number resolving imaging / Quantitative CMOS

Definition of a user friendly platform

  • Straightforward workflow with easy imaging protocol set-up
  • Easy to operate by non highly-experienced professionals
  • User exchangeable optical filters thanks to BIOEMTECH’s unique filter cassettes concept
  • Footprint allowing for easy system installation and transfer. Ideal for imaging inside a clean room.
  • Visual | Eyes software hub for parameter set-up, system operation and post processing of imaging data

Looking for more info on the φ-eye™ and its applications?

Download the φ-eye™ Brochure

φ-eye™ Brochure | PDF