The only preclinical imaging platform allowing for fast in vivo screening of SPECT and Alpha emitting isotope radiopharmaceuticals


  • Small animal, SPECT and alpha emitting isotope live imaging platform
  • Real time, whole body imaging since time zero post injection
  • Fast screening of radiolabeled compounds
  • Interchangeable collimators for optimizing parameters on a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with 3rd party anesthesia and vital signs monitoring systems


  • <2mm spatial resolution
  • Down to 10 sec frames for whole body scans
  • Energy resolution down to 19%
  • Detectable energy range 35-500 keV

Definition of a user friendly platform

  • Straightforward workflow with easy imaging protocol set-up
  • Easy to operate by non highly-experienced professionals
  • Footprint allowing for easy system installation and transfer. Ideal for imaging inside a clean room, or next to a cyclotron
  • Visual | Eyes software hub for parameter set-up, system operation and post processing of imaging data


    Oncology, Alpha Emitters

    [225]Ac imaging with γ eye

    In vivo imaging of alpha emitting isotopes made possible, with BIOEMTECH technology. Two beautiful images, from two timepoints: 2h and 24h post injection with a Ac-225 radiopharmaceutical, in an oncology model. Scan duration 10 min. Dose injected: 3.5 uCi / 0.13 Mbq. Images acquired at Radiomedix laboratories.

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