About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to accelerate preclinical research, towards clinical translation for promising drugs, through our high quality services and products.

In doing so we are a strong research partner who guides, consults and supports all preclinical research studies of our collaborators.

As a preclinical CRO, we offer a one-stop-shop at our state-of-the-art Laboratories that cover a full chain of preclinical studies, following a Good Laboratory Practice approach in the daily routine.
As a manufacturing company of novel breakthrough imaging systems (eyes), we offer simplicity, speed and efficiency on a daily workflow, during the first steps of testing of novel compounds.

Our ultimate goal is to help scientists innovate, at every step of their research.


Core team

  • George Loudos

    Co-Founder | CEO

    Built the team, running the company, solving all kinds of problems, thinking of new opportunities and pursuing new goals. He takes all the difficult decisions, embraces the risks and creates the company’s vision.
  • Maria Georgiou

    Co-Founder | Production Manager

    Ensures the smooth flow of our production operations, the on-time delivery of products and optimizes production costs and efficiency. She is also responsible for the certification of the products and production licenses.
  • Panagiotis Papadimitroulas

    Co-Founder | Project Director

    Oversees, monitors and manages the projects of the company from an executive level & ensures the smooth implementation of the on-going projects. Also active on Monte Carlo simulations on personalized medicine, where he leads relative projects.
  • Maritina Rouchota

    Partner | COO at BIOEMTECH Laboratories

    Responsible for running our laboratories and making the most of any experiment and collaboration. In contact with collaborators & clients on how to implement the innovative research workflows that our systems provide, in their daily research.
  • Eleftherios Fysikopoulos

    Partner | Head of R&D

    Coordinates the R&D department, ensuring the continuous innovation of the technological aspects and work processes. He also oversees the whole new product development activity from the initial planning phase up to the implementation and production.
  • Natassa Karapanagou

    Partner | Head of Finance & Administration

    Having a strong background in complicated administrative issues, she is our problem solver. Responsible for the financial and administrative management of the company’s projects, she manages multiple tasks simultaneously and keeps us organised.
  • Efthimis Lamprou

    Partner | CTO

    Coordinates the tech team, implements technology strategies, and ensures the alignment of the technological resources with the company's vision. He is also actively participating in R&D activities and product development processes.
  • Theodoros Karampelas

    Partner | CSO

    Responsible for the scientific ground of the preclinical services that are running or planned in BIOEMTECH Laboratories. He is also in charge of the R&D activities that aim in expanding the BIOEMTECH Laboratories portfolio and versatility.
  • Antonis Gkikas

    COO at BIOEMTECH Instruments

    Leads the Instruments department ensuring smooth operation and collaboration of the Production, R&D and Customer Support teams . Αlso strongly engaged in fostering strong connections with customers and collaborators around the world.



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