Real-time, in vivo rodent imaging, allows researchers to observe and monitor several normal and abnormal biological processes. Data collected using the eyes series, provides crucial initial insights and generate quantitative results that, in combination with the Visual│eyes interface, compose an essential platform for every preclinical laboratory.



Non-invasively assess your agent's targeting properties, real-time monitor drug delivery and track tumor progression.


Infection, Inflammation

Acquire detailed insights into disease mechanisms, enhance more accurate diagnostics while supporting the development or improvement of new or already existing therapeutics.


Protocol optimization

Test different animal preparation conditions, drug concentrations and administration routes to optimize your protocols.


Quick insights

Scan the same mouse at multiple time points to determine the optimal moments for 3D imaging. Conduct super-fast QC to exclude faulty injected subjects from further and more complex studies.

Applications with eyes

Oncology, Infection, Inflammation

[18]F imaging with β eye

Beautiful image of free F-18 accumulating in bones. Image acquired at BIOEMTECH preclinical laboratories Image info: 1h post injection acquisition, 10 min static scan. Total injected dose: 70 uCi / 2.59 MBq

Oncology, Alpha Emitters

[225]Ac imaging with γ eye

In vivo imaging of alpha emitting isotopes made possible, with BIOEMTECH technology. Two beautiful images, from two timepoints: 2h and 24h post injection with a Ac-225 radiopharmaceutical, in an oncology model. Scan duration 10 min. Dose injected: 3.5 uCi / 0.13 Mbq. Images acquired at Radiomedix laboratories.