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1st Central-East European LAS Congress

In May 9, 2023
On 2023

Are you attending the 1st Central-East European LAS Congress, held in Prague, on 30th May – 1st June? If yes, do seize the opportunity to meet, hear and talk with our veterinarian and in vivo Research Consultant Argyro Zacharioudaki and our Head Animal Technologist Nansy Doulou. Argyro Zacharioudaki will present “Opportunities and challenges of a compact and busy preclinical laboratory”, on Wednesday 31/5 @ 3.50 p.m. – how starting to build a busy and  emanding preclinical laboratory in confined spaces, can teach you how to optimally organise all  our procedures. Then, moving to bigger spaces, capacity can really be exploited to the maximum. A seeming limitation with hidden benefits! Looking forward to interacting with attendants and engaging with the 3Rs, welfare, behaviour, facility management and design, continuous education and training.