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AI or a-eye? Great to participate in this Symposium!

In October 12, 2023
On 2023

Building trust between AI and Medicine! The 1st Symposium on AI and Informatics in Nuclear Medicine (AINM) is real and happening now in Groningen, organised by UMCG – Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Department. BIOEMTECH participates in this event providing insights into the latest evelopments on AI for future healthcare, aiming to precision prognosis, diagnosis and therapy. We are eager to provide more information on our activities at the exhibition area. A poster on “PET synthetic data for oncology applications” is presented by Dr. Valentina Paneta and Mr. Vasilis Eleftheriadis, while Dr. Panagiotis Papadimitroulas will present BIOEMTECH‘s activities on “AI towards personalized medicine” in the Industry Session.
Moving forward to the AI reality in medicine!