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Copper-67 has just landed at BIOEMTECH Laboratories

In May 5, 2023
On 2023

Copper-67 has been long considered as an “ideal” radionuclide for radioimmunotherapy and targeted radionuclide therapy, due to its very desirable decay features. It decays by β− and γ-   rays, rendering it with potential for both therapy and SPECT molecular imaging. The half-life of more than 2 days makes it a very appropriate radioisotope of clinical use. Despite the capability for both imaging and therapy, the use of 67Cu for targeted radionuclide therapy has been inhibited for decades, due to its insufficient supply and low specific activity. Particularly important to antibody-based radiopharmaceuticals, high specific activity 67Cu can transform conventional radioimmunotherapy, while allowing SPECT imaging at the same time. We thank Oncodesign Services for this collaboration on 67Cu and their strong support to make this project successful.