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BIOEMTECH CRO Laboratories provide a full chain of pre-clinical studies

1.Protocol Set Up

  • Experimental protocol set up and official protocol licensing under National Authorities
  • Consultation on the study design by certified veterinary/medical scientists
  • Customised reporting, according to the study main goal (publication, EMA applications, etc)

2.Animal Models, Hosting and Monitoring:

  • Registered Purchaser of Jackson Laboratories (Bar Harbor, USA) – access to various mouse models
  • Licensed Animal Hosting Facility, with Individually Ventilated Cages, for mice and rats
  • Animal Monitoring on a daily basis and supervision by in-house Designated Veterinarian
  • Wide variety of customized animal models (oncology and other diseases or defects)

3.Radiochemistry Studies:

  • Licensed facility to import and handle a wide range of radio-isotopes (short-lived and long-lived)
  • Radiolabelling assays for peptides, antibodies, nanoparticles and other biomolecules
  • Accesss to a wide range of clinical radio-pharmaceutical kits

4.In vitro Assays:

  • Registered Purchaser of ATCC (LGC Standards GmbH) – having access to a wide variety of cell lines
  • Wide range of in vitro studies (internalization assays, cytotoxicity assays, etc)
  • Cell preparation for animal inoculation towards creation of oncology models

5.Imaging Studies:

  • Anatomical CT imaging
  • Nuclear microSPECT/microPET
  • Optical Imaging
  • Post Processing and Quantification of imaging data

6.Post Mortem Analysis:

  • Ex-vivo bioditributions
  • Haematology & Serum Chemistry,
  • Histopathology (including staining of tissues)

7.Toxicology studies:

  • Independent toxicity studies of compounds or as part of other study types (e.g. biodistribution, imaging studies)
  • General Toxicology Studies (Acute and Repeated Dose Toxicity studies)
  • Clinical observation (weight, observation)
  • Hematotoxicity
  • Blood associated systemic inflammation and immunogenicity
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Ex-vivo macroscopic and histopathologic evaluation of organs of interest based on the potential expected adverse effects and biodistribution of the evaluated molecule

Imaging Studies can also be provided at your location, with our portable imaging systems  (BIOEMTECH eyes). Details about purchase of BIOEMTECH’s portable imaging systems are available here