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How does F-18 concentrate in bones?

In November 29, 2023
On 2023
How does F-18 concentrate in bones?

In this study, we can see the in vivo biodistribution of F-18 into a normal mouse with BIOEMTECH “β-eye”. Imaging starts right after the administration and by selecting 10sec frames, we can visualize, in real time, the first blood pass in the heart and the slow accumulation on the bones. Time Activity Curves are provided, showing the fast clearance from the heart and the uptake in major joints. On the right a static 10min image at 1h post injection, shows the high resolution and the nice co-registration with the AI-derived mouse X-ray. All this by pressing one button!
You can learn more about “β-eye” here: and contact us to learn more about our users and their experience.