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Meet our brilliant speakers, for the 2nd Preclinical Models Imaging Workshop, happening on October 10th, in Athens, Greece!

In October 7, 2022
On 2022

Do you want to learn about Preclinical Imaging studies from the experts?

We are glad to host the “2nd BIOEMTECH Preclinical Models Imaging Workshop” in Athens, starting on Monday October 10th, at National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”​. One week of theoretical and hands on training at BIOEMTEC premises. You can check the meeting agenda and register to attend physically or virtually at

We are thankful to our expert speakers, who will share their experience including

Irving Allen for Translational research and EMA/FDA applications

Anna Sorace for Goal & operation of a preclinical laboratory

Lucy Whitfield for Welfare assessment & humane endpoints (EU Module 5)

Jordi Tremoleda for Animal welfare considerations and impact on imaging studies

Outi Keinänen for Double isotopes for therapy and diagnosis

Monique Bernsen for Radiation protection in the preclinical imaging laboratory

Brianna Cagle for a-emitters for therapy

Izabela Tworowska for Imaging of a-emitters

Daniele Catalucci for Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in diabetic cardiomyopathy and ventricular pressure overload mouse models

Nikolaos (Nicolas) Karakatsanis, PhD, DABSNM for preclinical PET

Stefaan Vandenberghe for preclinical SPECT

Franz Schilling for MRI

Stavros Tsantis, BioMedEng. MSc, PhD, MSc Health Economics for US

Giannis Zacharakis for Optical Imaging

Anastasia Tsingotjidou for Sample collection and analysis ex-vivo

Vasileios Ntafis for Communication, SOPs, and health considerations and more!