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New BIOEMTECH laboratories!

In January 20, 2020
On 2020

What better way to start the new year and new decade than by entering in BIOEMTECH brand new, licensed facilities at “#Lefkippos” Technology Park of Attica at #Demokritos Research Center.
We look forward to testing new compounds and biological mechanisms in our upgraded, fully equipped pre-clinical labs!
This turns BIOEMTECH into one of the very few CRO companies that supports both in vitro and in vivo studies, offering a unique platform, which allows:
– hosting mice and rat models in our animal facility
– labelling using fluorescent dyes and radioisotopes
– performance of cell studies in our in vitro lab
– in vivo multimodal imaging (CT/SPECT/PET/Optical)
We look forward to welcoming you either as a project partner in our running projects or as a collaborator in joint studies.
And what’s more; Our new labs are the perfect environment to keep optimizing BIOEMTECH products. Don’t miss the chance to visit us and experience our unique molecular screening systems – the eyes!