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BIOEMTECH Software team has expertise in the field of Medical Imaging and Dosimetry providing computational solutions for personalized and precise medicine. We use advance computational techniques including Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and 4D anthropomorphic and animal models. Our aim is to provide robust and accurate solutions, supporting researchers’ and clinicians’ daily routine.

The group is very active in National and EU R&D projects with a large worldwide network of collaborators providing innovative tools contributing to the field. Access in High Performance Computing (HPC) resources accelerates our research leading to robust results. There is also great experience in Project Management and Coordination, as well as in Dissemination, Exploitation and Training activities.

Our Expertise & Solutions cover the following fields:

Monte Carlo Simulations

Nuclear Medical Imaging, Dosimetry,
DNA simulations

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning,  Prediction models,
Deep Learning, Explainable AI

Anthropomorphic & Animal Models

3D Voxelized phantoms,
Customized models

Medical Image Processing

Segmentation,  Reconstruction,
Radiomics, Quantification


EU Innovation Radar

BIOEMTECH highlighted for Excellence Science Innovation by EU

PediDose: FF4EuroHPC success story

Pediatric Simulated Dosimetry Platform for Clinical Use

PediDose GUI

Beta version

Ongoing Projects

Interpretabiity of Deep Neural Networks for Radiomics

Physical breast anthropomorphic models and technology for their production

Personalized optimization of prognostic and therapeutic protocols with Lu-177 for MNETs, through the development of advanced computational tools and a portable detection system

Completed Projects

PediDose: A pediatric simulated dosimetry platform for clinical use

Physical breast anthropomorphic models and technology for their production

A pediatric dosimetry personalized platform based on computational anthropomorphic phantoms

Relevant Publications

Our Team


Panagiotis Papadimitroulas

Co-Founder | Project Director

Georgios Savvidis

MC Simulations Expert | Medical Physicist

Vasilis Eleftheriadis

Software Engineer | Machine Learning Expert

Valentina Paneta

Senior Data Scientist | Project Manager

Our network & collaborators