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Cell Studies

BIOEMTECH’s in vitro Laboratories cover activities like:

  • Registered Purchaser of ATCC (LGC Standards GmbH) – having access to a wide variety of cell lines
  • Wide range of in vitro studies (internalization assays, cytotoxicity assays, etc)
  • Standardized in-house protocols
  • Cell preparation for animal inoculation and creation of oncology models
  • Cell labelling with a variety of compounds (isotopes, nanoparticles, etc) for in vivo monitoring of stem cell therapies in real time

The in vitro studies are a fundamental step to design the best preclinical trials, since they allow us to adjust and optimize our protocols by, for example, determining initial adminstration doses based on the cytotixicity values determined here. In this way, we can conduct safer and less animal experiments in the future, respecting one of our many ethical goals.