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Design and construction of experimental detectors

The major goal of BIOEMTECH is to provide high performance and low cost imaging systems, in groups that work mainly with small animals. Thus, research groups in the field of biotechnology, academic institutions active in the field of medical research and the R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies can have the opportunity to upgrade their studies from in vitro to in vivo.

In addition, we can support the construction of other biomedical devices. An example of this activy is the design, construction and CE marking of a 12-lead ECG for VIDAVO S.A. The system is wireless (Bluetooth 2.1), it allows real time sending data or storage on an SD card, it can operate independently for 3h and it is compatible with android smartphones & tablets. BIOEMTECH was responsible for all tasks related to its design, construction, evaluation and certification procedures, in order to receive the CE marking.


BIOEMTECH staff is considered as highly skilled scientists and engineers with strong technical background. They have acquired strong experience and knowhow through their participation in several national and international research and technical projects. Thus BIOEMTECH provides consulting services in broader biomedical engineering subjects. An interdisciplinary field such as molecular imaging is, requires a deep knowledge of the available technology from the end users. Taking advantage of our strong expertise and our international network of collaborations, we can guide, in a competent way, any research group in order to fulfil their needs in imaging equipment and not only. Moreover, our knowhow and experience can be offered to groups interested in participating in funded national or international projects. Support includes preparing project proposals, managing projects, preparing technical reports, deliverables etc.

Educational Activities

BIOEMTECH considers critical the role of education for students, new scientists and professionals and for this reason it has already a remarkable activity in this area. BIOEMTECH supports and organizes international conferences, short and extended training programs and seminars and aims to participate in funded educational projects.

2nd Training School on PET/MR, Leeds 27-30 April 2015
BIOEMTECH will participate in the 2nd Training School on PET/MR, which will be held in Leeds, between 27 and 30 April 2015, in courses related to Monte Carlo Simulations with GATE and PET hardware. More information on this even can be found here.

PSMR14, Kos Island 18-20 May 2014
BIOEMTECH has been responsible for the organization of the 3rd PSMR Conference on SPECT/MR and PET/MR in Kos Island, which was held between 18 and 20 May 2014. More information on this even can be found here.

1st Training School on PET/MR, Athens 13-16 May 2014
BIOEMTECH participated in the 1st Training School on PET/MR, which was held in Athens between 13 and 16 May 2014, in courses related to Monte Carlo Simulations with GATE and PET hardware. More information on this even can be found here.