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Seal of Excellence project EYES with National Funding just started!

In September 21, 2022
On 2022

At last, the project EYES, received national funding from ΓΓΕΚ | GSRI. BIOEMTECH is among the 13 emerging Greek SMEs who received the Seal of Excellence from European commission in terms of horizon2020. We want to acknowledge the huge effort of Ministry of Development and Investments | Research, Innovation and Technology, as this project is funded through the Recovery and Resilience Facility and for the first time, follows the EC payment model. Actual revenues to support the 30% of self-funding is still a prerequisite by SMEs, but I believe that this is a secure, self-control mechanism to ensure that this non-dilute funding will be properly used for activities that will support actual growth, beyond pure R&D activities. We are excited for this project, and we know very well that it will bring BIOEMTECH to the next level!