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TWO NEW H2020 projects!

In November 30, 2020
On 2020

Glad to announce that BIOEMTECH will be part of two new Marie Curie RISE projects. Over the past few years, we have put a lot of effort to commercialize our research achievements in previous projects, including our desktop imaging systems “eyes”, our molecular imaging services and recently our fillable mouse phantom kit. We really believe that EC projects are the driving force for the R&D of an SME. We are also glad to collaborate with different teams across Europe, learn new things, develop new tools and techniques and hopefully make them available to the community.
PHENOMENO focus on anthropomorphic phantoms dedicated to x-ray breast imaging and 3D printing technologies, while UNAT will develop ultra-small (<10 nm) carbon-based NHs functionalized with various metal atoms for diagnostics and therapy of cancer.