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What if you could combine a full week of educational talks on preclinical research and hands- n training, with hiking, open-air yoga and leadership sessions on managing a lab team?

In May 12, 2023
On 2023

Program is out and registrations are open, for this year’s BIOEMTECH‘s Preclinical Imaging Workshop! The 3rd Preclinical Imaging Workshop is taking place in Greece, on October 16th-20th, promising to deliver inspirational educational talks from top scientists on preclinical research, experience sharing on methodologies and procedures, along with excessive interaction and lively discussions. As each year, the main body of the workshop remains the same: multimodal in vivo imaging, radiochemistry and radiation protection, animal handling and model development, legislation and ethics, SOPs, oncology and targeted therapy– but the preclinical models presented and discussed change each year: for this year we have chosen breast cancer and gut fibrosis models. This year, the scientific program is also enriched with a leadership workshop on team management, mountain hiking and some yoga morning classes! Looking forward to a full week of knowledge transfer, experience sharing and fun interactions!
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